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We all know it already – black and white paired together make for an extremely chic combination. Whether its the high contrast, sharp lines, or eye-catching pop that the shades make put next to one another, it’s just a great combo. That’s why for Spring 2014 (and probably every other season in the history of fashion) there is a resurge of this black & white trend. My favorite part of the trend is definitely the black/white combo and use of geometric shapes and patterns, like zig-zag, houndstooth, diamond designs.

They’re all just really great looks and add a lot of something extra to avoid seeming like you’re a Plain Jane dressed in all black or all-white (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Above you’ll see some of my favorite black & white combos used in various pieces. I seem to lean more toward the harsh lines, like in the Saint Laurent bag and Rebecca Taylor coat.


Sometimes it gets a little too easy to forget that some women need a little outfit inspiration, too. It’s hard enough being a woman and going through applying makeup, doing your hair, and now you have to choose what you’re wearing for the day? Well, for the very firs time, here’s a little OMAMenswear outfit inspiration for you ladies.

When it comes to spring, we all know about the essentials: pastels, prints, pale blushes, florals, etc. We see them every year, but can we really think of that many different ways to wear them? Probably not. That’s why I suggest adding a few key pieces into your wardrobe with your favorite spring colors & prints, that way you’re not reusing the same piece over and over again, but you still get to implement that great spring look. 


Most of the pieces are simple statements – a bow, clutch with gold detail, and a mint circle skirt. Each one of these is great to have on any day, but for spring, these will become your best friends. But remember, always tone down a loud color – think of it as music, if you think it’s loud, then a million other people think it is, too.

Anyway, I hope this was helpful to you all! If you’d like me to do more outfit inspiration posts, feel free to comment and share! The better the feedback, the more motivated I will be to do it  :)  Thank you for reading!

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