The Golden Era of ‘Fashion Blogging’ just started

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As the fashion blogging industry is bombing . We definitely thought to feature the international successful blogger Nour aboulela .

Nour was born to an Egyptian/Swiss mother as well as a Sudanese/Lebanese father.She always enjoyed fashion since a young age. Her grandmother Maria Gogel was a fashion designer in the late 1930s in Zurich, Switzerland. Her other Grandmother was also a Jewellery designer with a good list of clientele between Lebanon and Egypt. Her mother, also a Jewellery designer, designs jewellery up to the present day.

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As a child, Nour learned extensively about Jewellery through reading about stones and beads. She even had her own Designs displayed at her family’s exhibitions at a very young age. Nour grew up in various cities starting from Zurich to ending up in Cairo which gave her more exposure to different cultures, designs, tastes, and styles. She learned not to be brand brain-washed but yet to appreciate and fish out the best in low and high-end brands as well as high quality items, fabrics, leathers, and off course Haute Couture.

Vichi cooperated with lovebyn for a streetstyle photoshoot . Check it out below

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Love by N  is a personal diary which was launched in 2013 by Nour Aboulela as a hobby to vent her boundless enthusiasm for fashion and travel. In Love by N, Nour gives her readers a glimpse of her very own personal style in a weekly visual diary around the globe. Nour has a good eye when it comes to playing dress up. She can teach you how to wear a Birkin along a thirty Dollar Sandal, matching extremes is what her blog is all about and an eye-catching outfit is always her outcome which has made her blog quickly successful.

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