Mixing High & Low end Brands

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I have an amazing taste in fashion; I just don’t have the money to prove it!

How many times have you heard that being said or even thought it. How many times have you wondered how on earth celebrities get to have closets all full of designer’s clothes, shoes or accessories? We all kind of wished to have their closets one time or another, even for a day. But now, I don’t see why I should even want that. This has become the era when street style brands or low end clothing lines shine just as much as high end brands. People now can get all the spark and glamour they see on celebrities and not worry too much about having to spend all that money for a dress, gown or pants they’ll just wear once or twice. Even celebrities now mix high end brands with low end to make their outfits perfect.

Here is Nicole scherzinger in an absolutely stunning Topshop gown.


Okay so this is for you guys. Jay-Z just threw on those timberland shoes with a Givenchy tee to let you know what style is all about.


The diva; kim kardashian wore that 40$ dress from her own line and matched it with high end shoes and accessories


Beyonce, also rocking a Topshop fit that costs under a 100$ .


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