Let Jewelry Tell the Story

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Adam Elwan is a talented Egyptian/British jewelry designer. His designs are unlike any other in Cairo. Bursting with colorful creative pieces of silver & gold with fine & neat finishing, the man behind this amazing designs sits in his shop behind a singer sewing machine desk ready to share his story which is a journey has been eight years in the making. Being half Egyptian with a father in the jewellery business .It was always assumed he would take over the family business. With no prior interest in jewellery but with a love of working with his hands a childhood infused with art by his British grandparents. Adam stumbled to start his journey of designing jewellery.




His designs is the outcome of three years spent studying Jewellery Design and Silversmithing at Le Arti Orafe in Florence, Italy, and the opportunities unearthed through exploring the Khan El Khalili, Cairo’s traditional artesian quarter.

“It is great that I am able to bring back my knowledge and skills to help revive a trade in this country that is barely present these days. Cheap foreign imports have all but killed the workshops, and the commercialization of the tourism markets takes the soul out of what we still produce” says Adam

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With a workshop tucked away off the Khans’ winding alleyways, and a tiny yet dedicated workforce of four, Adam Elwan Designs aims to bring original jewellery inspired by his British-Egyptian heritage. “It is our hope that by combining the skills and standards learnt in Italy, with the traditional Egyptian craftsmanship that is sadly being eroded, that we may be able to revive this trade and breathe new life into the workshops in this sleepy quarter of Cairo” says Adam .Adam usually works with sterling silver and 18ct gold and uses a variety of precious and semi-precious stones, as well as exotic woods.

All designs are available to order in alternative settings. To know more about Adam elwan designs please check his facebook page where you can find all his news and new designs

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