Interview with photographer Batool Al Daawi


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Taking pictures is her thing . We speak to the very talented photoghrapher Batool Al Daawi

Tell us a bit about your background and why did you start shooting photography?

I’m a Syrian-Egyptian photographer based in Egypt. At a very young age I was interested in many forms of art, fashion design, photography and filmmaking which led me to pursue an education in Mass Communication with a Broadcasting specialization. I’ve always had a passion towards storytelling through art, so I realized that Filmmaking & Photography is what I wanna do, so I started out as a self-taught filmmaker / photographer experimenting with short films, documentaries & fashion photography. In 2012, I decided to start my own agency ‘BLOW! Creative Agency’ and then early 2013, I left to New York to expand my filmmaking & photography knowledge, studied at the School of Visual Arts and worked with some of the best fashion professionals in the world.

Alot of your photos have amazing lighting. Do you use flashes or mainly natural light ? If it’s natural light, how do you find such a great lighting conditions ?

I use different lighting depending on what I want as a result, I shoot in natural light, with strobes, continuous lights, almost anything that makes me able to create a photograph. If I’m shooting in natural light, then it also depends on the result I want, and thats when I pick the hours to shoot and sometimes I add artificial light if needed. I love playing with lighting, maybe that’s because of my filmmaking background.


I love the concepts in your photos. Do you decide the concept before you start working with the model or do you adjust it after everything else looks great?

Everything is usually planned, I come up with a concept, gather my team and we work on it. Sometimes it takes us weeks of preparations & research to execute some projects, even the small shoots or the test shoots, it’s always planned, we usually meet, prepare mood boards for styling & makeup and then i set up my lighting plan so that we all show up ready.


If you could go back in time and teach yourself something that would have made your career as a photographer easier, what would it be?

I taught myself and learned through experience, and when I felt that I needed to learn more, I actually shut down my agency for a while and went to study specific photography, film & art courses that made a huge difference in my career.

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What tips do you have for aspiring photographers ?

Get out of the box, keep trying & learn as much as you can! NEVER imitate anyone’s work, and the most important advice is to be original & know the difference between getting inspired and copying.

Where can readers find you?

Website: -

Instagram: BatoolAlDaawi

Twitter: BatoolAlDaawi

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