Boyfriend Jeans

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Well I’m always obsessed with a trend, an idea, and a vision that is related to my passion for art, fashion or anything else that interests me . Now let me share my new obsession with you ” Boyfriend jeans “

I’m actually the kind of girl who loves to borrow her leading family men’s clothes lol seriously I’m most likely stealing daddy’s hermes belt ,taking  my Bro’s favorite checkered Shirt , I even had a photo shoot theme inspired by my man’s black punisher t-shirt  :D  hehe

So the idea of boyfriend jeans sounds appealing to my ears and the fact that I can dress it up or down makes it  so challenging and fun yet of course so heavenly comfortable compared to my second skin skinnies lol


Here are some of my favorite ladies who I can call style setters rocking every bit of boyfriend Jeans in so many styles and let me tell you that there is always a pair suitable for everyone Shape, style, cut & even Price!

Nour Aboul Ela

The Egyptian Diva blogger makes it hard For us not to fall For this flirty and so sexy Combo of  Chanel ,Fierce Animal Print and boyfriend jeans it’s très Feminine , Chic and Yet so Cool



Ada Kokosar

The half-Slovenian, half-Italian stylist and fashion consultant knows how to effortlessly rock the Boyfriend Jeans in total style and let me tell you that I can’t get enough of my oversized coat worn with BF Jeans for running errands or coffee in the morning



Kate Moss 

The British supermodel and one of a true style inspirations knows how to go Masculin-Féminin & the Result is Sexier than ever. Pair of those jeans with well-tailored blazer, shirt & a pair of booties and you are good to take the streets in style!


Here are some other boyfriend jeans Looks that got me Even More Obsessed .. Enjoy


aaaaqeeee - Copy mmmm - Copy rrrrrrrrrrr - Copy LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 16: Rihanna at Boujis and 45 park lane on June 16, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Michael Jaworski/FilmMagic) vvvvvv1

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