An interview with creative Egyptian/Lebanese designer Rana Greiche


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The Egyptian/Lebanese Arab fashion designer Rana Greiche is one of the most talented & creative designer in town. From the time she was 14, seeing her mother sewing and making pattern, she tried to develop her talent by creating and making her own clothes. She began in a fine arts School and continued for three years in the Institute Technique de la Mode, affiliated with La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisian where she studied Fashion design & illustration, textile design, draping, pattern making, hand sewing & fashion history. She graduated with a BA degree in fashion design in 2009. She started working on her wedding collection which was launched in spring 2010. The wedding collection is a combination of simple classic style with modern one. The dresses are full of fabric but very light, the bride can easily move, feel bright and comfortable. Each Gown as it consistently reveals timeless, wearable looks that evoke sophistication and elegance.

We speak to the talented Fashion designer about her work which is set to improve the fashion scene in Egypt.

When did you first begin designing and what led you to this career choice? 

I’ve always liked the fashion and textile industry. I started designing at a very young age. The first dress I made was my school prom dress.


Did you have a career path in mind, or did it grow organically?

I think it grew organically, I was very fond of the clothes in general and how they’re sewed.  After high school, I thought maybe fashion is just a hobby, so I went to Fine arts university, and meanwhile I was working in a luxury brand boutique so I had the opportunity to see how Haute Couture dresses were made and it was mesmerizing. That’s when I decided to switch my studies and start all over again, so I left the Fine Arts studies and went to a fashion school where everything started.

What do you think has helped you most in your career - Experience or education?

Both of course, education puts the basics but a good self-experience makes it even better especially when you do it all by yourself, from sketching to getting the fabrics to sewing.


Who inspires you in terms of fashion designers?

Valentino , Albert El Baz, Elie Saab and of course John Galliano.

What part of your job do you like best? And least?

I like the sketching, creating a design parts & the embroidery hand sewing. I hate the sewing on a machine, I wish I could do it all by my hands.


What do you see for the future of the fashion industry in Egypt?

In the past 5 years, the fashion industry has totally changed in Egypt, from upcoming young fashion designers, photographers, models, magazines & specially fashion schools. I can say that Egypt will soon be on list of top world fashion designers.

What are the building blocks of a complete wardrobe?

Find your style, get the basic first, a good fit of denim jeans and basic t-shirts along with a couple of dresses.


Any advice for the next generation of designers?

Always try to get inspired but don’t imitate, failing doesn’t mean to stop and mistakes equal learning. Nothing comes up easily.

For inspiring fashion designers, what is the best advice you could give someone to break into the industry? 

Find your own signature and style.


Where can people see more of you and your work? 

Until I launch my website, find me on

my Facebook page: 

and my personal blog which happens to be a Facebook page also, it’s called “Something Called Art”.

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