Amina K

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Recently featured Amina K, took some time out of her busy schedule  to have a chat with us about her life as a designer


Amina Khalil is an Egyptian fashion designer, born and raised in Egypt. She studied fashion design and marketing in London. Amina K was founded in 2009; the brand is dedicated to and inspired by Egypt. Aiming to use Egyptian resources in its details, fabric, and workmanship. Production is carried out in local workshops, mostly handmade, allowing Amina K. to pay close attention to details and always adding a personal touch.

How would you describe yourself as a designer?

I like to think of the concept and theme before thinking about the actual design of each piece. I am very hands on so I like to jump to the sample phase as soon as possible so I can work directly on the pieces and play with the fabric rather than on the sketch.  I want my collections to tell a story and set a mood.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?   

Each season we focus on a theme; it might be an era, a movie, a culture, a sewing technique, a fabric, and the list is endless. We do tons of research and from their we built up our ideas and the direction of the collection. That is then translated into designs and eventually clothes.

Could you describe your collections in 4 words?

Relaxed, military, feminine, Arabian

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Have you always known you wanted to be a fashion designer?

Yes, I have been in love with clothes since I was allowed to pick what I could wear. I always knew that I would work in fashion one way or another.

How do you see the fashion industry/scene in Egypt?

It is definitely growing. There are so many new bloggers, photographers, designers etc. With the growth of social media and apps like instagram I see a shift and a lot of younger people are more fashion aware and experimenting with their style. It still has a long way to go but it is definitely moving forward.

Do you feel your label has grown since that first collection? Are you designing on a bigger scale now?

Yes of course. Each season we like to experiment, we try to take risks, and raise the bare. As a team we are becoming more experienced from the workers to the pattern makers to the designers. The more experience and knowledge we have the more detailed and complicated our designs can become.

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If you had the chance to meet any designer in the world, dead or alive, who would that be and why?

I would love to meet Coco Chanel. I think she is a woman that changed a lot in fashion and really opened so many doors for women in fashion. She introduced the whole movement of women dressing in men’s clothes. She had her own style regardless of the era she was living in and really changed the perception of what is sexy for a woman. The way she mixed the French and English way of dressing at the time in such an elegant, simple and subtle manner amazes me.

How can our readers reach and know more about you?

They can send me emails on Follow me on instagram since it is my personal account so they can see everything about Amina K. through my eyes. They can follow our facebook page and leave their email in our newsletter tab on our website for all our updates. They can come to all our events and meet me in person

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